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After two and half weeks of travelers telling us we need to climb Lions Head we finally caved. We took off to catch the sunset by the time we reached the top. After a hard day of sitting in the pool of course.

Lions Head is pinnacle that overlooks Cape Town, Which you can see far in the background in this photo.

It's about a 45 minute hike to the top, which is real fun in slippery sandals.

After staying at the same hostel for over 3 weeks we are always making new friends then saying good by a few days later. This is our new crew.

Anytime you find the possility of a cave you have to investigate. It's a rule.

The best part about Lions Head is they don't have the American mentality of fences, stairs, or safety. Which I love.

We reached the Top just in time for the Sunset. And the view was amazing.

After the pictures we took of us looking awesome, which is hard to do without laughing, we decided it was time to have some fun. Luke decided to get 20 push-ups ahead of me in the push-up game. Apparently luke is such a beast he needed some extra weight, so I helped out.

And variations of handstands are always fun, especially in unusual places.

Somewhere down there is our hostel with the swimming pool to cool down in after this hike.

We decided to stay until it was dark. It makes the dangerous hike next to cliffs more fun

So Jealous of you guys. It is just above freeing here in the northern hemi sphere and I watched the same sun go down about 4 hours ago. I can't wait for your motorcycle trip !! to start and your trip north thru Africa. I have never ridden there but I can assure you that Norway is an amazing treat for you as you end to the journey. Just don't think how much expensive it is there, it is worth it
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