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Nice video intervention there, Lornce, I'm going to take it as a birthday present. Cash would have been better, but at least the thought was there.
planktonnn, re the plastic vernier scale, I just popped out to the shed and used it to measure the length, breadth and depth of a 6" piece of 2x4 and guess what? Yes, it's still accurate. It's the gift that just keeps on giving, and I'll treasure it for all time.

Busy day today; just had a nap to get over a 10am shock to the system, in the form of a compulsory interview with a local charity, who make money out of people like me by questioning our demonic possession and determining our suitability for the job market, on behalf of the government. Apparently, and I didn't know this, I have been graded (through a points system) to fall within the bracket 'crazy but employable' order to get my own back, I subjected the interviewer to an hour-long monologue on the subterfuge of the christian-communism that underlies the fake duality of the polarised-political black magic spell that is, even as we speak, consolidating a population reduction and cash-poisoning programme for the Masonic/Luciferian/Guelffian* conspiracy. We more or less agreed that they (the charity) would leave me the fuck alone, so long as I set myself up as a self-employed horticultural machinery renovator. It's a funny old world at times, but you just got to either go with the flow or, as in my case, turn your own taps on and create a river of reality to suit your situation in life.

The more astute ADV'er's reading this thread would be justified in saying -
"but, I thought you and planktonnn had invented a virtual corporation called Martha Farquar International...why have you branched out on your own with an equally-ficticious horticultural machinery outfit? Well, I was up against the wall, wasn't I? I had to think of something quick, and I didn't want the government finding out about the fake/real airhead 'business', especially as I had invented a cover story of being a wandering shepherd for most of the last ten years, to account for a large gap in my 'employment' history.

Creating, and operating on, several levels of 'reality' at the same time gets a bit complicated, and I went 'underground' and very much 'off the grid' from 2001 onwards in an attempt to shake off the Masonic/Luciferian/Guelffian conspiracy (see above), but I ran out of cash, and had to re-emerge into 3D normality instead of the multidimensional construct I had woven out of superstring theory and quark-based fluids deep in the heart of Exmoor. Also, I didn't want to inadvertently drop planktonnn in the shit nor, for that matter, let the STD1 be impounded for back-taxes and evidence of living an unlicenced life without official approval. It's a lonely life, being a renegade outlaw old-stoner, but someone's got to do it, and at least I get the satisfaction that, by manipulating space-time mentation, I'm doing my bit for humanity. Also, planktonnn doesn't know it yet, but I think he'll quite like renovating imaginary lawn mowers.........

*Don't ask,it's secret.

Here's a list of steering head bearing kits, for purposes of topicality
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