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A comment from a non CFR230L owner. I rode one around my local dealers parking lot. I own 2 XT225s, one of them highly modified for off road riding, but even in stock form, IMO it is a much better bike than the Honda, especially if you are an experienced rider and know what is important on a bike over the long run. It's really two bad Yamaha chose to quit making the XT instead of improving it's minor flaws. The new XT250 is nowhere near the bike the 225 is.

I suspect overall engine performance of both bikes is similar, neither is a cross country touring bike, and never will be. IMO, the XT has better suspension, it also has slightly more travel. It has a lot of real world benefits. It has grease fittings on the rear suspension linkage, snail cam chain adjusters, and aside from several rack choices (I have the Bryanswens rack), you can also get a 4 gal. aftermarket tank from Clarke, and there is a guy on this forum (Cigar Mike) that makes great centerstands for them.

Of all the mods I have made to my trail bike, I consider the centerstand to be by far the most important. I simply will not ride a bike with tube type tires and no centerstand, unless it is a pure dirt bike, and I have a truck nearby. I have ridden the XT hundreds of miles from home. Flats DO happen, and if you have no way to get the wheels off when they do, you are just plain SOL.

The CRF does look better to me, but when you are a hundred miles from home, 50 miles out into the desert with a flat tire, or out of gas, looks will not get you home.

All of the above are just my feelings, I'm not putting down anyones bike. But I am so sold on the XT that I bought a second one, an 05 with 3,000 miles, basically to replace my '94, with 19,000 miles and counting, IF it ever breaks. I'll just transfer all my accessories over to the other bike, and use the '94 as a parts bike. Jerry.
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