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I have just ordered one on Saturday for my bike after trying to start it the other day and it not responding (much).

Even though its been on trickle charge through the winter (Optimate 3) it appears that it's finally given up not too good really the bike was only delivered in March 2003....

Anyway, I checked prices the best price for a Yuasa is via Honda dealers best I saw was 63. Then I saw all this chat online about Shorai and checked a few prices and thought why not the all up price in sterling 155 delivered express.....

A lot I know but if you take the battery price alone in sterling its only just over what KTM dealers want to charge for the Yuasa.

One good thing about having cancer it changes your view.... Lifes too short not to try it!

Always had trouble with the Yuasa running down over a few weeks if the bike was left to stand anyway.

If you're down my way and fancy a brew and play just let me know, you would be very welcome

KTM 950 Silver (Faster than Orange or Black... )
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