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Day 4: Tuesday June 15th, 2010.

So I woke up with a hangover...
And slowly we got things back together...
Things were still a little fuzzy. And I was not sure what I was seeing...

Where am I? What happened?

Oh... that's right I'm in a campground...
Must find coffee...

The memories started to come back...
We had a raging party late in to the night. Our new friends who we shared the campsite with made their own wine. Today they were headed back into the US, and did not want the hassle of crossing the boarder with alcohol, so we all tried to drink it all last night...

We made new friends. One of them was Brandt. He was staying at the campsite next to us, and did not have a stove, so he was eating cold Chef Boy Ardee out of the can. Meanwhile we were cooking gourmet food on a two burner camp stove. So we invited Brandt to hang out with us.

The next morning he decided to ride with us for a while.
Brandt has a Kantana and this was one of his first motorcycle camping trips.

Our route took us West from Jasper to Prince George.
Within an hour we had entered British Columbia. (We're almost to Dawson - right? )

Then we got near Mt. Robson.

You could see it in the distance from miles away.

Very impressive.

For those of you who are readers and like to get smarter about stuff.

I went inside the visitor center.
It turns out I'm as tall as a one year old moose.

It's amazing what you learn on these Rides.

Back on the road again.
As we rode, it started to dawn on me how big this part of Canada is, and how much wilderness there is. I mean, we would ride for hours in straight lines and see nothing but trees and mountains.

MAG kept yelling something about seeing Black Bears along the side of the road, but I never saw any. I still think she was making stuff up.
We would have to stop for gas about every 200 miles.
This is what we had for lunch.

After lunch, more straight roads though huge forests.

We stopped at a rest area to uhhh... Rest.
It was actually a dirt road that took us down to a river.

Then after the break, back to the lonely road ahead.

But looking back I noticed that Brandt was not with us any more.
So I circled back and found him.
Apparently he had run out of gas. I found him on the side of the road filling up from his reserve tank.

I took the opportunity to take some creative pictures.

When we got to Prince George we stopped to get gas.
There I saw this gorgeous Husky. He was a happy dog!

I asked him if he wanted to go to Alaska with me. He just smiled.

After filing up with fuel, Brandt took off to stay at a campsite he had pre-arranged. MAG and myself went south a bit to claim our ADV Tent Space with GISdood.

When we got there we received a warm welcome, and were soon beer was flowing.

Our host - GISdood.

And one of his friendly cats in it's Cat House.

Meanwhile we were also treated to an amazing feeding session.

and of course, as usually happens to me when I ride motorcycles all day, drink beer, and eat massive quantities of food, the inevitable....

The warm cat was a bonus.
Thanks GISdood.

We had such a nice visit, we invited ourselves back on the return loop.

Stats for the Day: 251 Miles Moving Average 53.8 Moving Time 4:39 Stopped 4:03 Total 8:43


P.S. Yeup, the life of a fearless Adventure Rider is hard work.

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