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Not too old to learn… Not too old to race…

I am not sure what to call it. Mid-life crisis, adventure, wanna be racer, death wish or just trying to keep life from swallowing me up.
I read the posts like many of you. A nOOb goes racing, Another noob goes racing, Which way to Baja, and Two noobs and a season of racing… they are all excellent. They all capture the spirit of many ADV riders. I am not sure where this will fit in to all the other posts, but I do know I have benefited from others telling their stories, so it is only proper that I try to document mine for others. Learn from my mistakes; most likely. Laugh at my attempts; I hope so, without a little laughter, life would be boring.

Let’s cut to the chase and set up a short summary.
Age: 48, 6’2” 210lbs of not lean, not mean, sometimes beer drinkin’ machine
Riding experience: about 7500 miles of dirt, and 5000 miles of street over the past 3yrs.
Bikes: KTM 950SE, KTM 450EXC, KTM 250XC

Racing history: Yah, right, first and only race, 2010 RMEC National at Inyan Kara. 60 miles of very tight single track. I was out of shape, sloppy and lacked speed. I wrecked, got up, wrecked, got up and really didn’t do anything but finish. I believe last place except those that DNF'd. Finishing was my goal then and that goal still remains today.

As 2011 unfolds, I have found that I am craving competition as well as trail riding. Why not try more events? A harsh reminder of my need for learning came from riding the LAB2V this past Thanksgiving weekend. All the advice tells you the same thing; you will have more fun on a smaller bike than an Adventure bike. Now being a know-it-all novice, I decided to ignore the comments and ride my 950SE, a fantastic bike for most any 500 mile dirt ride. I truly did enjoy the ride and will do it again next year (on my 450). Riding the 950 in the deep sand was my first reality check however. As often mentioned, anyone can ride fast, but riding fast and not crashing is the key. Riding deep, deep sand fast enough to get the big 950SE to plane on the sand requires a certain degree of confidence and ability. I soon found I lacked both.

Enough of that! I have become committed to “learning” how to ride. I will take classes, enter races and spend time in the saddle to accomplish this task. I am not setting out to ride IM Vegas2Reno, Baja 1000 or Dakar, only learning how to ride better, safer and finish the events I enter. Can a 48 year old beginner/novice learn to stand on the pegs and get off his ass? This might define whether I am too old to learn, too old to race.

Hare & Hound, Desert, Scrambles, Enduros are all on the list. Yes, they are beyond my current ability.

Initial calendar: Hotlinks to each event commentary will be added should I actually get off my ass…and on the pegs!

RMEC National Feb 5-6 Wickenburg, AZ (times a wastin...) DNF, great race however.
Jimmy Lewis riding school Feb 19-20 Great Class! Learned a great deal from Jimmy.
BITD Laughlin Hare Scrambles, NV Mar 4-6 Flat broke and busted, racing cost $$$, I need to budget better.
Shane Watts School Mar 19-20 Another Great Learning experience! These classes really help.
Montana XC Pipestone April 17th B class, 17th out of 23
Montana XC Cascade May 1st Mechanical breakdown DNS
Montana XC Burnt Timber May 15th Broke 3 ribs, good times, bad luck.
NHHA Jericho, Utah May 21st No racing for 5 weeks
National Enduro RMEC Inyan Kara Jun 19th
out for injury

Montana XC Elk Basin June 25th still out for injury
Snowshoe Enduro RMEC Grand Junction Aug 7th DNF
AMA West Hare Scrambles Big Sky XC Aug 27-28th yep, another DNF
10 KTM 300XC Christini,
10 berg FE570 Desert and Rally, 10 berg FX450,
Gas Gas TXT 280, KTM 950SE

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