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The GSification of a Poor Unsuspecting RT

For those of you purists, please find your way back out of this thread. What you see here will only cause you pain, sorrow, and indigestion. For if you were to go any further you'd pass into the dark side ...

"Abandon all hope yea who enter here." - Dante

I know that I am not responsible enough to own a mint condition, factory specimen of anything. I will destroy, modify, and play whimsical sorcery with just about anything that I can get away with. Trolling Craigs I found a little gem in Pensacola, FL. Two airheads rotting away in the back of an airplane hanger.

I made contact, a deal was made, a U-Haul was rented, and off we went for the 10 hour round trip to the gulf coast.

The PO was enthusiastic to see us. He opened the hanger to reveal an absolutely mint condition 1946 Landsdown Crop duster. The leather on the inside was perfect. This specimen was clearly here to divert our attention from the mounds of crap piled up against the walls of the hanger. Clothes, Tools, Signs, trash, records, spare parts from who knows what ... and books ... lots of books ... just crap everywhere. But there in the corner ... the unmistakable shapes of a Vetter faring and an RT ...

It took three of us the better part of an hour to dig them out. The Vetter Faring was attached to a 74 R90/6 ... the unmistakable solid rotor and small axel, and /5 trimmings. But it was beyond hope. The salt air had long destroyed the polymer, seat, and other fragile parts. He thought it had been sitting there for 20 years.

Digging out the other ... I saw a monolever swingarm. That's promising. This one was no where near cranking ... and appeared to be missing a significant number of parts. Front cover, starter cover, battery tray, side panels, faring lowers ... it really looked like it had had a 'problem', someone had taken it apart and lost interest. I pointed out these things ... and the fact that I had come expecting two 'complete' bikes ... and we renegotiated ...

Another modified deal was made ... with the promise that if he could find the parts ... I would pay him the rest of the money. That's fair. But the good news is that I was leaving with my donor bike.

More to come.
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