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What was that about a little problem? Oh yeah, when I was tightening the oil cooler mount bolts down to the previously specified torque, they spun. Not the threads, the round boss, lug, whatever you want to call it, spun a little in it's base. Yeah, I was not happy, mostly at myself for being a dumb ham-fisted son-of-a-b****. I talked with Mark who was great about the whole thing. Not wanting him to eat the price of a cooler, I told him I know a great aircraft certified welder who copuld probably fix this thing, so let me give it a shot. As it turns out, the lugs do not mount into an oil passage, so leaks were actually not an issue, but they were loose. I had my friend tack those bad boys down. I cleaned it up and painted it, pressure and leak checked it, just to be sure, and here I am now with one cool runnin' XRL! I did not torque the bolts or use Loctite, but I did use a lockwasher. I drilled the heads of the bolts and safety wired them. That should hold 'em. I posted earlier about my experiences with the running temps, it was here or in the other thread, can't remember right now.
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