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Time to get going...

Thank guys, I am heading out to Phoenix a bit early as I found out my dad just had a heart attack (lives in Mesa). I will try to keep this updated between events.

Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Good Luck!!!!

Oh and BTW, you're not old!!!! You are only old enough to race the Senior Class!! Jajajajaja!!!! Wait 'till you are old enough to race Magnum then you can be considered old!!!! I'm 57 and the Catalina GP was my last race!

One of the things I've found as I've aged over the years is that many of those bastards that were faster than me when I was 20 something are still faster than me now!!! What's up with that??? Jajajajajaja!

BTW, where in Wyoming are you???
Thanks Strong Bad, I don't consider myself old, just older than some. I doubt I will ever be considered fast. I am located in Sheridan, Wyoming and the high today is -2 with a low tonight of -20. (not counting wind chill) No practice time here so I will be going in cold. (no pun intended)

The Big Sky XC is very high on the target list. It is going to become bigger every year from what I see.
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