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It took me until I was 40 years old before I could muster the courage too buy a motorcycle without asking my father for permission! Or my now ex-wife for that matter.

That first bike was a 1982 Maxim 550 bought in 1995 for $1000. That bike taught me my first lesson of diminishing returns in motorcycle accessory and parts spending. Paid $1000, spent another $1000 or so to make it run right and to look presentable. Rode it for 12,000 miles in 3 years or so and sold it for $1,000.

In 1999 I bought a 1995 BMW R100 Mystic, the red head with big jugs that I had always lusted after. Riding that bike really was the beginning of my becoming an advid motorcyclist. I put 30K before trading it last year.

A couple of years later I stumbled onto and promptly bought a cherry 1985 R80 G/S as a divorce present to myself. That turned me toward the adventure side of the sport which mirrors my skiing passion. I have since put 15K on her and plan on bringing her to BYOB.

In 2003 I decided I needed a sport bike at the precise moment that I stumbled onto a smoking deal on a left over brand new 2000 Triumph Sprint RS for nearly 50% of original retail! I am taking that bad boy to BeaveRun Race Track for a Sport Bike Track Time Event this weekend. So far I have 7K on her but also unfortunately had my worst accident to date on her. But we are both all healed up now!

Last year I entered into a relationship with a wonderful woman who loves riding pillion, so I traded my Mystic for one of the last 1150 GS's when BMW was giving them away just as the 1200 was being introduced (I love a deal). With this bike I have discovered the joys of 2 up riding and has firmly cemented me as a GS kind of guy. That bike is amazing! 10K to date.

Uhh..What else did you want to know? I kind of got self aborbed there!

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