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Originally Posted by twintwin View Post
Tank from an oilhead GS, looks so good to me. I'm the tank donor to the owner of this aihead (Claude, member here). As you can see (sub-frame and LL), this is a sidecar project.
Good luck with this interesting GSification, cannot wait to see the final result.
Begins to look like a CS thing... is this one getting hacked? Holy crap, Carmel, I'm about 45 min from you. .

Interesting call on the DRZ forks, Beater. Curious to see how that works out...

CAnt wait to watch this

I believe constricting one side of a dual sided collector would be a ... constriction? But maybe while youre constricting, you could stick an outlet tube thats twice the area... does that make sense? I think the R100 collector is a bigger tube size than the R80.
Unconstrict the outlet and run one sided without concern, apart from rear silencer size... I'm a little loopy, sorry.
Unintentional psychokinesis.
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