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I took my licence may 30 2000. Five years have past soon and I'm on my fifth bike. I was 31 at the time.

-99 Suzuki UC125 Scooter Cheap, for commuting to work, good excuse to my wife. Had it for two months after I had my license then I tried a -00 Yamaha XV 1100 Dragstar (wildstar or roadstar in the states i think) and was sold. Traded my scooter and had it for one year.

Then I wanted a Xv1600 wildstar and really loved that bike. Cubic is king. Had that one for two years.

Life goes on and me and my wife got a dog and a cabin to spend weekends and holidays in and thought that when will I have time to ride my big black beauty. Traded it for a Yamaha TTR600 brand new. To ride gravelroads and such.

Didn't ride much last summer. I wanted a more dualsport typ of bike. Sold it last fall and was starting to look for a used Bmw F650 dakar and bought one in april this year. I really like the bike. It suites my needs.

Will I keep it? Not so sure. I tried a Ktm 950 a few weeks ago and I say wow!! I'm going to try the r12gs to and then will se what my next bike will be. Remember what I said? Cubic is king even on a dualsport. I have to win the lottery first.

I must say that I have a wonderful and understanding wife. Every time I change my bike and come up with excuses for my choise the only thing she says is " You are so crazy Martin!" and then she smiles at me.

This summer 3 of my friends and I are planning a trip up to northcape and maybe I'll post some pictures from that trip.

Btw. This is my first post and I'm from nothern Sweden. Been reading this forum for a while and It really inspires me. Thankyou all and ride safe out there.
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