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HUSABERG FE450 "Rallye lite" build thread...

The facts, just the facts... and nothing but the facts...

In february 2010, Kent Turesson of KEVA MOTOR AB in Hässleholm Sweden asked me if I would mind helping him put a two rider effort together to compete in the 2011 TUAREG Rallye in Marocco;

KEVA MOTOR is the agent for Husaberg and so obviously the choice was to use a pair of FE 450's for the job... Two riders are to compete at the Rally; Kent Turesson and Martin Jernse... with your's truly driving the team's IVECO service bus on the rally as mechanic/support.

A series of phone calls and e-mails made to Husaberg Rally guru Garry connell; SafariBerg and quickly confirmed what I thought... there were plenty of tested and proven aftermarket tanks and rally accessories available for the Berg's (thank's largely to the Husaberg Australia team's close relationship with companies like FORCE Accessories, Safari Aqualine etc. over the teams Australasian Safari and DAKAR efforts), so no need to "re-invent the wheel" as so many make the time consuming misstake of doing.

In march, Garry dispatched a list of EVERYTHING we needed... and we began the process of deciding what we wanted to use on the TUAREG 450's (the rally dictates only a maximum of 160 km's fuel range). Most of the choices were made based on Garry's teams familiarity with the new generation Berg's from the Safari in 2009 and 2010, and KEVA's own experience with the FE models in competition here in Sweden... then it was just get on the computer and order the neccessary bits!

By the end of summer we had most of the stuff ordered and the plan began to take shape.

Then... we did nothing. Didn't need to...

Knowing that Garry and the team in Oz had done a lot of the R&D work for most of the package over the 18 months prior or so, made the whole process a lot more relaxed. With proven components from companies like Force, 70 degrees, Safari Aqualine, MecaSystems, MD and ICO... it took a lot of the guess work out of everything... all of the other bit's are either Husa/KTM original parts... which was also a big part of the plan... the bikes were to be as "stock" as possible and "look" like Husabergs... not some "one off homemade special" as often is the result with a low series rally special.

We decided to spend our time riding and preparing mentally, instead of endless nights in the workshop. There was a bit of a "spanner in the works" when Kent spat himself down the track while we were out training on the 4 days grass special test in September... seperating a shoulder and the mandatory couple of months recovery time... but he declared; "No worries, what the hell... what we can't acheive with youth and exuberance... we'll have to make up for with years of cunning and mischief".

By late November/early December all the bits were in the workshop and the delivery of two new 2011 model Husaberg FE450's had arrived at KEVA MOTOR.

...and that my friends was what led to this;

HUSABERG FE450 "Rallye lite" build

We began to assemble the first bike after new year. I was at Keva for three days to assist Charlie and Fredrik (mechanic) with advice of how a bike should be built up to cope with this kind of race.

The foundation is the Husaberg FE 450, which with its durability seemed like the natural choice. Here's a list of the parts assembled. Heavier spec springs front and rear, 70 degree Racing rear subframe that doubles as additional fueltank, FORCE radiator protection, and skid plate with intergral 3 liter watertank and tool box. Safari Aqualine auxiliary tank on rear fender, neoprene skins the fork seals and rear shock linkage, Husa/GPR steering damper, vibration damped rubber-mounted bar clamps, KTM roadbook mount bracket, MD electric road book roller, ICO trip odometer, Garmin GPS, barkbusters/handguards, KTM EXC radiator fan and new O-ring chain and gearing package. At the moment the bikes are fitted with spike snow tires (for training in the arctic dunes ), but come rally time, the bikes with be shod with desert rubber and mousse tubes.

Here are some pictures we took during the construction phase.

(click on pic's if you are myopic)

Spanking new Husaberg FE 450
times two.
Naked bike...The 70 degrees subframe that serves as a 4,5 liter fuel tank...FORCE radiator guards and heavier WP fork springs...
Rear fender sculpted for fitting of the auxilliary safari tank on the rear22 liters all up (if we need it) the rear tank can be removed for the "sprint" stages in 10 minutes if need be...Prototype of the Road book mount and GPS bracket...Sumpguard with watertank and toolbox...
After we done one, we start on number two...Husa/GPR steering damper...Front cowling... original Husaberg.Extra cooling fan... for when "hot" is not hot...
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