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So now it comes down to the feature photo. I hate to give a negative view to this town as we have only been here a few days, but I will be happy to leave this place. Mostly because I don't like touristy areas, but also because it feels shady. I trust my gut because that's really all I can do. I trusted it when I met this man today.

Con or Not?...

I was outside of "Yours Truly" lurking some free WiFi facebooking and Tweeting when this Man comes up to me asking for the time. That turned into are you an American? He says good and starts laying down the story. This is the abridged version. He is a Canadian on vacation with his 3 syblings 9,12 and 19. He is the oldest 31 and they all got their passports stolen on a bus. So he needs money 360R ($55 USD) to get bus tickets to go to a village outside of Cape Town to the Canadian Consulate. I am always down to help people and at first the story sounded ok, so I went into a shop to sit down and talk. The more he talked the more the story Mirrored the story of the "Religious Man" from my last motorcycle trip in Mexico. Things were not adding up in my head...

Why did you leave your passport less siblings alone some where?
Why does he know where my backpacker is since he's only been here a few days?
Why is his fair skin not complely sun burned?
Why won't he talk slower and calm down when I ask him to?
Why is he showing aggression to me and mad that I am taking a while to convince?
I pull out my camera and want to take a photo of him. This is another way for me to read him. I hit the record button and ask him to slowly go through his story again. I know if I was telling the truth, I would be ok with that. He gets really mad and tries to block the camera. Saying I am a horrible American. Why won't I help him out. He takes the notes that we had been writing on a napkin and storms out. I will never know the truth to the story. It is impossible to say, but I THINK this guy was a fake.
Such an old scam. This very similar thing happened to me just last week here in Los Angeles.

"Hey man, I'm not looking for a handout, but my kid had a doctor's appt this morning for her Lukemia and I rushed out so fast I forgot money for a return train tkt back to Riverside and I need to get her back. All I need is just $13 more."

I love how they ask for an odd sum to make it feel more realistic.
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