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Ok, planktonnn, re the 'electronic music flowchart', I don't see an arrow for you writing a hit album, getting a big deal and letting me organise your 'never-ending world tour' as your chief roadie. Why is that?

Also, on the Billion Dollar chart, can I have the $6B spent on erectile dysfunction, to be going on with? If not, how about a share on the war on drugs cashflow? Huh?

Alternatively, how d'you fancy a weekend in Cairo? When I saw those people sic off those armed police on the bridge, I couldn't help punching the air and shouting with incoherent joy....dunno what came over me, but it felt good. Have I caught idealism? What pill do I take for that? Eh?

Fuck it...I'm going back on herbs, being straight don't agree with me. I may even buy a motorcycle. D'you know a good forum I could post stuff on?
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