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are what I think Sam Buca is talking about - 'inside-out' plug-patches. I bought a bunch of these, without buying the whole kit, by contacting Stop n Go directly; think it cost me about $3.00 apiece so I stocked up and got about 8 of 'em; so they're well within the means of a guy without alot of cash. I had a new Tourance rear tire get holed with only 300 miles on it, so I took the tire off and put one of these in, and rode it until the tire was toast at around 12,000 miles, 6,000 of which was two-up and loaded, cross-country. I've since used 3 or 4 more of these (may be time to stock up!) due to my seriously bad new-tire karma, and not once has any of them given me a problem - they last the life of the tire. The patch is pushed out from the inside, so the air pressure is working in your favor to hold it there, not perpetually pushing it out like a plug you put on from outside; the little rubber stem keeps sharp grains of sand and crud from getting in under the patch and abrading a hole. I would say these definitely qualify under you 'No worries, Mate' category.

Granted you have to pull the tire off the rim to get them in - but if you're on a tight budget in this sport, you already oughta have tire tools - if not then get some, they'll pay for themselves first time you use them. 3 good levers and some kind of bead breaker is all you need.
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