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Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
I don't see an arrow for you writing a hit album, ... Why is that?
Oh dear sweet innocent pjcr1967, I'm afraid a number 1 in Benelux was about as far as I could stretch that particular career path, and that was thru airplay rather than sales so it didn't even count on the cashflow side of things. The furthest any of the acts I played with got in the national charts was around number 39, for one week*. But, I did get to throw a cup of coffee over Elton John, so at least it wasn't all a complete & utter futile & vain waste of time, energy and destroyer of any chance of a decent future... Catch the link above, I thought I might go ask for a job in... Er... Something.

Rawk'n'roll was, as you're fully aware, was one of the great escape routes for a general prole in the 70's & 80's. Fottsoccerball, boxing, the pools, being a mercenary, general gangsterism & white collar crime being amongst the others. None of the above careers went very well. I was never, as they are so anxious to say these days, blessed. The thing I most enjoyed doing was animation soundtracks, were we won a Royal College of Art** Gong. It depends though, if the 'Director' (Jimothy Bufton-Tufton, age 21) wants a 'door opens' sound to be the sound of a door opening then it could get a bit glum, but when you're allowed to be a bit lateral there's nothing I've enjoyed more.

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...can I have the $6B spent on erectile dysfunction, to be going on with?
Sorry that all went direct to Pele. Also, due to high promo costs the treatment now consists of a pencil & rubber bands. Sorry Guys, Gals, Guy/Gals & Gal/Guys & Androgenes.

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Alternatively, how d'you fancy a weekend in Cairo?
I don't know, this whole Mid East regime dominos thing seems a bit of a soft war set up to me... I know it must be something past a decade back but didn't you treat yourself to an Egyptian journey once? See, even all these years later whatever little rebellious seed you managed to plant*** has come to bloom at last.

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D'you know a good forum I could post stuff on?
Might I suggest which coincidently includes some motorcycling content, and the blowing of pistons.

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I'd just like to point out that we went past the 66,666 views and the world did not end.....this won't mean much to ordinary folk (god bless 'em) but to those on the Martha Farquar vibe, I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief, I know I did. Phew.
Sorry to disappoint but, once again it's the poll votes that hold the fate of we poor 'Slightlymorethananape'-kind in its purview. When we get 106 votes is when it'll all go Phatoowy on our asses.

* We'll ignore the vague Right Said Fred connection as I played with their manager the delightful Tamzin rather than the boys themselves
** Full CV on request
*** Not with Funtime Fatima Farquar, that doesn't count.

PS. I recently updated the clock & fairing inner areas on STD1 to include all the factory options. Please memorise fully before attempting to ride it -
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