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It's worth pointing out again that this is only workable for vehicles older than 15 years.

Even in the enlightened state of VT, there's no way to get a title for a newer vehicle.

If I am trying to register a vehicle that is more than fifteen (15) years old what do I use for a title?
Your "bill of sale".
How can I change the ownership of a vehicle without a title?
This cannot be done without a title unless the vehicle is not titleable. If the vehicle is more than fifteen (15) years old this can be accomplished using the "bill of sale".
I can see where VT would be happy to collect the cash from out-of-staters, so I suspect they'll leave this loophole open for as long as they can.

BUT: has anyone successfully gotten a home state title and plate after doing this? I would, for example, be very interested to find out what the draconian shrews down at the Indiana BMV would do with a Vermont registration... they're well known to have no mercy here whatsoever.
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