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I am thinking about creating an Android app specifically for dual sport riding. I'd like to know what kind of features people want?

I thought I would start by allowing you to put Garmin map files (the unencrypted variety) and OSM maps into the phone so no network is required. Then, I was thinking that I would cross reference the app with's track database and allow you to download tracks from there to follow. I was also thinking that it would be cool if you could cache google satellite images and store them on your phone the app could download all the tiles over the tracks and cache them (while you are at home) until you tell it to clear its memory.
The app should output a gpx file of your trip and also probably allow you to push the track directly to

Information on the screen would include current speed, time, odometer (for mileage concerns). Interest in a rally computer type interface?

Obviously the maps would be zoomable, but I was not planning to allow you to create routes on the fly because the interface on the phone is clunky and it would be pretty tedious.

Please comment on features that y'all would be interested in and I'll see how I can accommodate them.
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