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Originally Posted by Larry Krupa View Post
Some of you may be getting all excited about this, but I see this as analagous to what car companies do with successful cars. They have to "improve" them each year so they make them bigger and clutter them up with accessories that bastardize the concept. While technology improved on the airhead design (EFI is a great example in my view), BMW keeps adding electric this and ring that with servo assisted whatever. I don't want all that. I want a simple, easy to maintian and fixable bike wherever you find yourself. Give me a clutch cable versus hydraulic. I'll take manually adjustable shocks over EWS. Why the hell would you put that ring antenae crap on a bike that you take around the world? Just something else to break!

Sorry, but a radiator is more complexity, something else to go wrong, something that adds to the difficulty (and expense) of service. Yes boxers get hot in traffic, but do I want to add all that crap?

I am not anti improvement. I would take a wet clutch, but only if its more accessible and easier to fix than the current dry single plate clutch. I like the current clutch, but it is not easily servicable anywhere but the dealer.

So some of you may get excited about the radiators, but count me out. I like simple for this kind of bike.
The problem is Larry, you're not the target market. And they're doing well leaving you behind.

But don't worry for BMW. If this thing makes 20-30% more power, I'll buy it. They'll suck me in again.
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