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Technically I got my first real bike at age 30. I got a DRZ400 last year for commuting and trails. I am getting ready to convert it to supermoto here very soon.

Got my first little motorcycle at age 8. Putted around and had a blast.

Rode a freakin' Honda Aero 50cc scooter all over the place when I turned 15 until I got a car at 18. I dont know what the hell I was thinking, almost no power, damn near invisible, in horrible traffic. That scooter taught me the rules of the road however, some old lady almost took me out by running a yield sign when I was riding my brand new DRZ home for the first time. I place utmost importance on my visibility. I just bought a white Icon jacket and a silver Arai XD helmet to keep me alive.

I love riding my DRZ around town. I know how it feels to be in shock about buying a bike. It hit me about 3 days after I bought this one. I was hosting a BBQ and proudly had my bike there and my friends were drooling over it. I went in the house for a bit, 4 beers and two tokes later I walked outside like it was a different reality... I was thinking "WTF are you thinking Jess?!?! That thing is insane, are you having some kind of early mid-life OMG I'm turning 30 crisis?!?!"

Maybe I am... but I love riding with a good sense of mortality and self preservation... I would not have wanted this in my early 20's now that I think about it... I was an idiot, good thing I was broke.

"And you still can hear me talkin' to the people who don't listen to the things that I am sayin' praying someone's gonna hear.
I guess I'll die explainin' that the things that they complain about are things they could be changin' thinkin' someone's gonna care.
I was born a lonely singer, and I guess I'll die the same, but I've got to feed the hunger in my soul.
And if I never have a nickel I won't ever die ashamed, cause the truth remains that no-one wants to know


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