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Constructive criticism

Originally Posted by velocitygear View Post

How's February 10-15th?

We've got enough to get the Exhibition Pro's rolling, the Prodigy and Formula gloves are going to be questionable.

We're also still awaiting Ducatipilot to put the buy up, Van of Ducatipilot is a proud member of the armed services and he's being redeployed. We're setting the buy up so he doesn't have to play middleman and there's been some delay associated with that.

The overall numbers aren't spectacular and that's the single biggest determing factor for us to be able to get orders coming. No interest = no orders.

Honestly, after seeing how ADVRider members care about safety I'm disheartened to see how few people actually care about our project.
Maybe it's because wer'e not an icon in the industry or because we lack the ability to "sell" ourselves. Whatever the case, the time and money spent trying to build gloves to beat the CE testings spec's has been ultimately wasted.

I thought a good review in a few magazines would actually equate to something worthwhile. The reviews have been great so far but it hasn't changed much in terms of sales.

Anymore, I'm just left scratching my head. For now, I'll have to attribute a large portion of these issues to the economy. Otherwise, I'm lost...
I hear ya, and I have a suggestion. Your gloves are way too flashy looking. Speaking of aesthetics only, they look like they're trying too hard. I bet if you simplify the aesthetics they'd sell better. I hate to say it, but folks buy with their eyes as much as anything else. Esp. on this site, people aren't really looking for boy racer aesthetics. They want simple, durable safe gear without the flash. Read through some of the Aerostich/Motoport threads. That stuff couldn't look more utilitarian, but it's not loud (unless high viz)and garish. Lots of fans here of both products because they work and are protective. This is definitely not a dollar issue either. Your gloves are priced appropriately for what you're getting.

Maybe, if you could get them into some of the larger online dealers with presence they'd move a little better? There are a few vendors on this site that seem like your product might do well in their lineup?

I'm still in for the Exhibition Pro's!!!
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