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I am still in for either 2 or 3 pairs of the Prodigy/Formula gloves in fairly muted colors and will throw in my two cents on the slow response to your generous group offer. ADV Rider seems to be a very "word of mouth" oriented site, where inmates rely on information from other inmates who have "been there and done that" to make many of their decisions on gear. I believe that once you actually get the gloves in the hands of some of the inmates and they start leaving positive feedback you will see a steady rise in demand. A manufacturer saying his product is fantastic is somewhat of a non-statement, since no manufacturer is going to say "my product sucks, but I really need the business". Even many magazine reviews are looked at with skepticism. Make the inmates on this and other sites fans of your products, listen to their suggestions, and they will do much of the marketing for you.

Good luck and thank you for the group buy opportunity.
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