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Bluhduh And some still think I'm crazy

I had always wanted a dirt bike when I was a kid. But was never able to get one. Both of my brothers road street for years. I just never really got that interrested untill I saw some of the dual sport bikes. So in 2000 at age 33 I decided to get a bike. Got permit went to the dealer took test ride which was my first time ever on anything with two wheels and a engine. DRZ400s got loaded it the back of my nephews truck and home we went. Two days and 52 miles later,First crash went wide on a small curve hit ditch over the bars and broke my left knee .

Fastforward May 13 2005 friday, Dog ran out in front of me and gets stuck in the front wheel locking it,resulting me highsiding with the bike following. Brake levers and handle bar end do bad things to human flesh.
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