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That's some good info; I'm more about physical characteristics and the "build". Asthetic design is not my strongpoint.

I figured the Prodigy would fall in line with the "subdued" crowd. For the Prodigy buyers, maybe a little discussion here would help with the asthetics/color. If everyone agree's, we can change it to anything... The holes in the Prodigy allow a reflective material to show underneath. Thought that would be a good visibility trait.

So, Prodigy buyers, tell us what you want...

Exhibition Pro buyers, if there's a deviation you want, let us know...

Formula buyers- unsure if we're going to make the group buy. Need a color change? Design change? We can do it....just get me 10 minimum. If you can live without Kangaroo, we don't need quite the numbers.

Maybe, if you could get them into some of the larger online dealers with presence they'd move a little better? There are a few vendors on this site that seem like your product might do well in their lineup?

I have a rep in Southern Cali who has been to more Dealers than he can count. The biggest problem with any Dealer is their one track mind; sales! If a customer isn't looking for it, they don't want it. Regardless if it's a truly superior product. All of the Dealers loved our gloves or so they said but none of the Dealers our rep visited took the initiative to try to stock them.
Dealerships simply have no desire to educate and inform their customers of their options. The best marketing strategy and Iconic logos are what people look for... until they realize that "inferior" can be attached to any logo..

What I'd really like to see is another RIDE magazine glove review. I missed the opportunity (unknowingly) to send my gloves in for their glove review in late 09'. I had just completed testing when I found out about that comparison testing/review.

I think our gloves would destroy all others, it's unfortunate, that RIDE review did not post any actual testing data, just a 1-10 scale... Personally, I think that was done to hide the reality, that most gloves aren't up to the task. At least when compared to the CE testing requirments/numbers.

When I was destroying gloves to find a way to pass the main physical testing requirments, I developed a simple yet effective bladder that could be inserted into our gloves to test seam integrity. The beauty is that my bladder tests every single seam not just the main palm seam.
Sorry for going on, it's been a project that's taken years and I unfortunately didn't focus on what apparently matters most, MARKETING! I'm just not very fond of the tongue and cheek. I would prefer to prove I have a better product based on the product itself not the marketing scheme behind it.
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