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Hello and Thank You for the posts. I'm all to happy to see at least a little interest.

Anyone have a contact at RIDE magazine??? Anything helps for us to be taken seriously..

Kevlar and leather. Honestly, I love that excuse. It's one of the reasons I'm able to even TRY to build a product better than the Industry leaders.

BOTTOM line- your glove is only as strong as it's weakest link. So; you use a stronger thread (not NYLON-Dainese) and it tears the leather. So, then the argument is that a softer more forgiving thread is the answer, right?

Sorry! That's an excuse to cut costs and not address the next weakest link. If it's my hands, you can guarantee I'll walk the earth to find a solution, excuses are just that!

When I tested and destroyed my first 50 pairs with our bladder, the kevlar/leather argument became evident. Question is, why stop there? I wasn't about are only as hard to find as the effort you put forth.

I know why the "Industry" doesn't build them like we do. It's the cost. When you manufacture thousands of anything, costs add up QUICKLY!
$.25 to $.50 might seem like chump change but multiply that x every pair of gloves that Daiese makes in a year. Those are gigantic numbers. Our gloves cost us significantly more than the "Industry's" typical glove.

We want to be known for products that "real" riders wear, not because of a logo but because of proven performance and reliability.

We want our products to do the talking, not a magazine ad..
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