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No worries, good questions. Unfortunately, I'm not quite willing to spell out exactly how we build our gloves. Our "little secret", if you will...

More holes equals less strength if you're not addressing the next weakest link. Double stitching is better than single stitching, assuming that the stitching is spaced properly. Even then though, thread will tear through leather. There isn't one solution to pass these physical testing requirments, every problem must be addressed individually, then as a whole.

Realistically, after pursuing this for so long, I'm pretty confident I could build CE passing gloves using a few different techniques. Really, I think that glove construction and manufacturing is LAZY beyond asthetics. They all look great but that's where it ends. There are exceptions- Held for example.

Sorry, I wasn't very helpful with specific's. I've spent alot of time working on this project and I'm going to keep my lips sealed until RIDE magazine (or anyone else) does a testing review ;)
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