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Originally Posted by BMW Atlanta View Post
I had a Boxercup and the HP2 E at one point, however with a large tail bag and small windscreen I was more comfy on the HP2 E then Boxercup for trips and daily commuting, so the Boxercup just sat even on track days as I was equally as fast or faster on the HP2 E with stock suspension around Barber.

Sold the BoxerCup and then bit the bullet on a 2009 R12ADV that was our demo at the time so extra discount. I never really got attached to that bike, it was just a bike to ride when it was colder out or I needed some hard luggage. I made the mistake of spending a weekend on the 2010 R12ADV that we took in on trade and I was hooked. I now ride that bike more then my HP2 E, but mainly due to cooler weather this time of year and the HP2 E was out of commission pretty much all of last year doing project rebuild to it.

I now have a better HP2 E set-up and it will be my fun commuter, weekend road carver and maybe even track bike.

In short, absolutely the R12ADV and HP2 E can live in harmony. The R12ADV is MUCH more practical and better for the longer trips and doesn't have to go offroad to be a great bike (rarely will mine see any major offroading) and the HP2 E is the hot trophy girlfriend, great for a fun night on the town, not so good to take to family dinners and business outings.
Thank you very much,

i really like the way you express the differences among both bikes

I understand that a 2010 GSA with the new engine is closer to the MM than the pre 2010 GSA engines.

MM and 2010GSA have the same compression ratio,
Torque: MM 11.5 / GSA 12.0...mmm beter on the GSA
BHP: MM113 / GSA 110............easy to equal both with an Akra.

My BMW dealer salesman has got now a 2010 GS1200 30 anniversary, he came from a MM. He told me that ther is no such such difference among 2010 GS engine and a MM. Differences come more from sensations, geometry, tires, steering angle, muffler and many more........... Maybe i shall ask him for a ride on his 2010 1200GS 30 anniversary, so i can compare.

I enjoy the HP2 E, in fact this is my second HP2 E , i got a HP2 E for two years and i put 35k on it, using it for every thing. Same 35k i put on the GSA i got before that.

Now question is if i shall have both.
Do i like both bikes? YES
Do i turn my head when i see one passing or parked? YES.
Did i owned same models in the past ? YES , BOTH
Did i go back to the HP2 E? YES, AGAIN, bought this one last october.
Would i go back to the GSA? YES BUT KEEPING THE HP2E

only question left is if i would miss the MM.......??????
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