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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post
The differences between my 2007 GS Adventure and a 2011? Not a flicker of interest by me. This new bike? A flame. And it will be time to get a new bike, too. I can wait. (Hang in there, old gal. ;))

I'll probably get myself a 1150 GS Adventure for my love of the air-cooled bikes and one of these as my "go to".
I love my '02 Adventure. It is a solid bike and non-servo ABS brakes work well. But liquid is frankly the shit. The simple fact that minimal internal engine clearances can be maintained easier than air/oil cooled can. This equals loads more available power from the same CC sizes.
Power rawks the motorcycle world, but I my GS is good for me. That said, my KX500 (read single cylinder liquid cooled) is an animal!
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