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Come back

There was a post; where did it go? Don't tell me he removed it?

Well, I spent way too much time looking for RIDE magazine and that article. I have it on SD but there's some nonsense going on between my SD card and my PC. All good on the Laptop...whatever

Here's what I had so far:

Good stuff. I appreciate a little resistance.

Firstly, I'm not going to pretend I know everything about apparel safety. I learn as I go through the testing process. This was my first passage through the EU testing procedures. That "process" has taught me a few things about glove construction and unless you've been through the testing yourself, one can't really know what to expect. It's a process of learning and adaptation, at least at my level. I do not have a zillionth of the resources of a company like Dainese nor do I intend to. That, my friend is THE PROBLEM. A company like Dainese should step it up and I'll prove, at least to myself, why ;) with 2 examples:

1- the painful reality- GRAPHIC


2- I can scan and post it if necessary, but #2 would be my first hand experience and testing FAILURE using nylon thread. I trusted a manufacturer (who I no longer deal with) to provide a CE passing glove. They even had a independent PPE "professional" go over the requirements with them prior to testing. I balked at the idea of using nylon thread but was "assured" by my manufacturer that there would be no problems passing the testing requirments. This manufacturer was so confident, he paid the expense to produce and ship the gloves to SATRA UK for testing and I paid for the testing.

What did he say when we received the testing results?

and I quote "I cannot accept those testing results. We built the best gloves we know how and I cannot accept those results".

and no, ^ that's not a joke...

Where did our gloves fail: SEAMS

Why? "thread broke" as per Peter D. of SATRA UK

Now I had a "contractual" agreement with this manufacturer. As contractual as you can get dealing with a 3rd world manufacturer anyway...
He was to retest on his coin if his gloves failed using his design. Of course, we never retested because he was completely unwilling to try and surely wasn't actually going to keep his word. To make this happen I ended up selling my motorcycle to simply fund the testing costs, so you can be assured that I was livid not only to find out that PPE guy was a *&#$off and knew less than nothing but my "ride" was forfeited for the cause...

With that being said, you may want to take a look at that RIDE magazine review of motorcycle gloves. Dainese finished 6th and 7th with their "nylon".

Joe Rocket finished first with Kevlar.....

BUT again, RIDEs 1-10 rating scale is bologna.... I want to see the actual numbers...

Lastly, before I started destroying gloves, I visited my local CycleGear and looked at their selection, construction methods and the like. I know what they're building these days, the question is; DO YOU?

GROUP BUYERS- WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION- No restocking, noda! I'm not here to try to make 15% blowing smoke and refunding money. If these weren't the best gloves I've ever worn, I wouldn't say so.
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