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OK ... big day. We got the engine going. It would be my *guess* that this hasn't been started since 2004. That's the last time it was registered, and according to the PO ... during the summer, he heard a *pop*, and then he couldn't get out of 2nd gear.

He took it apart and there it sat.

SO. A BIG THANK YOU to Hardwaregrrl, bgoodsoil, Blaine.Hale, and baldwithglasses. They all showed up today and shared a hand in the wrenching.

Blaine took loads o' pics and has some real funny ones ... so we'll let him post. But as she sits now ... she needs work on the driveline. The shaft needs replacement (I have it) and we need some lugbolts. There will be some other things we need ... but I am WAY tired ... and I will shortly go to bed.

Oh ... and I think I've settled on a name. 'Dobber'.

The tranny mount, the seat pan, the end of the bars ... the side of the tank ... behind the tank petcock ... Mud Dobbers .. everywhere.
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