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GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs - Best New Product

ADV Rider Clan... We here at GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs wanted to thank you and our friends at Tucker Rocky Motor Sports Distributors for all of your consideration and support for our pressurized hydration technology. All of the critiques and testing that you've been doing on GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs around the world is being heard and adopted. A recent trip report from us: Thanks again for your support and communication guys...

NEWS - GEIGERRIG - Best New Product at the 2011 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show - 3M's In-New-Vation Award in the Hard Goods Category (

February 2, 2011 (Ogden, Utah) – In celebration of the most outstanding new products, companies and ideas of the 2011 Winter Outdoor Retailer Market, SNEWS and the 3M Corporation presented the inaugural IN-NEW-VATION Award for the Hard-Good Category to GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs.

Hydration and water use is the most important consideration for outdoor activity—activity that most often is enjoyed with friends, family and teammates. A hydration pack should make it easy and convenient for everyone to access and use water for all of its many purposes. GEIGERRIG, with its “Never Suck Again” tagline, has introduced a simple, pressurized hydration system that sprays. It is no longer a requirement to suck the water out in order to access it.

With a GEIGERRIG Hydration Pack the water sprays out, providing a cleansing rinse for body and gear, an opportunity to share water without sucking on nasty bite valves, and a hands-free hydration system that is truly effortless and that does not disrupt breathing or aerobic activity. Because of this incredible convenience for water access, GEIGERRIG reports that people that carry a GEIGERRIG tend to use about 50% more water than when they carry a traditional hydration pack. This means greater hydration and performance.

With greater water use, comes the need to refill more often. GEIGERRIG even addresses this issue with an in-line filter that snaps in and out of the drinking tube. On the go, the user of a GEIGERRIG can dip their Hydration Engine into a stream, river, creek or pond and just keep on moving. The pressurized system pushes the water through the filter as it travels through the drink tube. This means more access to more water.

And don’t worry about refilling with the dirty stream water. The GEIGERRIG, unlike so many hydration packs, is oh so easy to clean. Thanks to GEIGERRIG’s connection with Hydrapak and their patented slide top, the GEIGERRIG Hydration Engines turn inside out for cleaning in the top shelf of a dish washer or for rinsing out and hanging to air-dry in a tree.

Mike Atkinson, Former Navy SEAL and Owner of Trident Tactical/Technical, said “Other than ammunition, radios and weapons, water can be the heaviest thing we carry. And, it has so many necessary uses. The GEIGERRIG system finally makes it easy to access, use, and share the water while also getting the hands-free benefit of a hydration pack. The plug-and-play, on-the-go, in-line filtration unit is on the money. Greater access to water… Much easier use of water… A pressurized spray… All without additional weight or any sacrifice of capacity in your pack. It looks like a no-brainer. It was my product of choice as well--for both the Shot Show and Outdoor Retailer show.”

Dennis Brown, COO of Aquamira Technologies, Inc. commented, “We were excited to be involved in the in-line filtration capability of the GEIGERRIG. The GEIGERRIG pressurized hydration engine opens a whole new world for the performance of in-line filters for hydration packs. It greatly enhances the convenience of personal water filtration and improves the access to more water sources for hydration pack users.”

In just six months, GEIGERRIG has plowed deep into the market with over 300 retail doors carrying this new product and distributors opening internationally. Retailers in motor sports, running, biking, boating, kayaking, skiing, fishing, hunting, camping, and emergency preparedness have found GEIGERRIG an important product.

Steve Johnson, President, CEO, Tucker Rocky Distributing – The Leading Motor Sports Distributor in the United States said, “We’re excited because GEIGERRIG offers so much to the world of hydration packs with virtually no additional cost. With a RIG on your back you can spray off your gear, spray off your face, share without sucking on a nasty bite valve, filter water from a stream, turn the hydration engine inside out for cleaning….and the packs are tough as nails. We’re also pleased that GEIGERRIG is dedicated to supporting retailers by not selling direct and by offering 100% of their on-line orders to 100% of the dealers who carry GEIGERRIG products. GEIGERRIG packs are a good fit for the power-sports market.” - Steve Johnson, President, CEO, Tucker Rocky Distributing.

GEIGERRIG packs can be purchased by consumers at, and the order will be fulfilled by a GEIGERRIG retailer. The Hydration Engines have a lifetime warranty for leakage, and the packs have a 2 year warranty. (Visit to see footage of the new GEIGERRIG Hydration Engine surviving the blast of a bomb placed inside a GEIGERRIG pack.)

GEIGERRIG – Providing convenient and optimal use for the water in your pack and the water you find along the way.

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