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I must say I apreciate all the advice and comments, I dare not make as if I know enough about the GREATEST RACE ON EARTH so please the more info the beter (Husky 610 I have Hijacked your thread If you don't mind I will keep going on as I think more dreamers are looking at Malles Moto...)

About my speed. In my little world I am fast in the South African National champs I have finished top 10 a couple of times and won my provinsial offroad champs in 2009 and was awarded Western Province colours for motorsport.

In the states I reckon I am a Class B GNCC runner( As I understand their is pro's class A and then B???? I might be totally wrong) I make this assesment as some of our top guys rode in your Class2 (second devision) and I would then say maybe class B.

So as I take it in the states I am average racer I would suggest. I have lots of desert racing experince and riding. I have been racing Mx since the age of 11 and will be turning 28 in September. My wife is from Namibie and my parents originaly from Walvisbay(where Angelina and Brad had one of therir babies) I am under no imprassion or attempt to "race" Dakar or try and prove how fast I am. I do not think I have that kind of ability or that Malles Moto lends itself to hard racing.

I have never stopped drinking, using sugar eating bread or dieted like I have since 18 December 2010 ( the date I decided stuff It I nead to try get to Dakar and looking like a muffin won't help convincing my family, friends and sponsors. I have since 2003 raced without sponsors as I do not take myself or racing too serious and the funny part is the best results have come in this manner.

Everybody that rides propably has the "I want to do Dakar" moment in their lives especially before and after the event takes place. I have been in love since forever. For 3 years in bording school I had the Stephane Peterhansel Super tenere twin poster on my wall it was laminated and heavy and fell of often.

For me not getting to Dkar is my failure moment. Maybe not 2012 but then 2013 otherwise loony bin. As much as I KNOW and need the Abu dhabi desert challenge and a week in the states with RMS I don't have that luxury as every cent I can save, make, steal,beg for I will have to send towards the Dakar effort.

I am planning on using a WR 450. The JVO or Mecasystems kit will be NO.!, but yet again$ will depict waht I can use. Maybe a JVO light kit and a Safari tanks 10 l rear? The big thing is building a Bike in South Africa, getting one build in Europe or the states and having it imported to South Africa or renting or getting a bike build and then shipped to Dakar without ever seeing the bike. All this is still uncertain.

Riding the bike and testing before the race will be the 1st prize however not in my opinion a nacesity. getting fit and strong and staying healthy before and during the event is more importent I suppose.
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