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I have both. 2010 GSA and the 2006 HP2 Enduro, I cannot tell you what a blast it is trying to figure out what bike to ride today, or do I have an hour to switch the wheels on the HP to supermoto. For the first time I do not think of other bikes I feel like I've got it all. In the interest of full disclosure I might also add that there is a third machine in the stable.... 2007 K1200GT. Yea Yea I know I've spoiled myself rotten, but nobody else will so I have no choice.
Thank you for answering... Wrong,

For me the decission is not Which bike choose today for this or that route, the question is which bike would i like to ride today, an according to that i choose one route or another i mean more roads or more dirt.

For daily commuting, after 35k on another HP2E and 35k on former GSA, there is no doubt the GSA is much better by all means, regarding touring or long road rides, GSA no doubt. HP2 shines specially on the dirt or on wilder routes above the GSA. Main concern on the HP2 is the fuel range.

having the GSA with road tires as anakees or tourance, and the HP2 with knobbies, there would be no doubt of which one to choose on a due route.

anyway i got different friends with both kind of bikes so iŽll have company on any ride if i want.

main concern now is if i would like to keep on the "road attack" mode with the MM or going for a "touring trail" mode as the GSA represents.

for me the MM is the way of keeping in touch with the SPORT road riding.
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