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Ongoing jobs list...

Some jobs to get DMW back on the road, some done after:
  • * New rear tyre 2nd hand M/Works WHR00001 . 110 Avon Roadrider? i.e. 400x18
  • New oil filter/sort oil cooler feed SIA37575
  • * Replace 2 or 3 burnt wires in the harness. WD40 everywhere. Find source of problem. Heatshrink some ends on unused clocks plug. Heatshrink u turn on charge warning light bypass.
  • * Fix horn so it's no longer blowing fuses (!)
  • Small baffles inserted into exhaust end? i.e. Highway hawk? or similar? Fit braided bendy sections of flexible pipe on exhaust out (adaptors needed?) with Supertrapps on far end? (pj currently has flexi pipes?)
  • Front drive shaft gaiter clip TRA30297
  • Edging on plate 11mm.
  • Mount flyscreen properly, ally strap, brackets etc. Find flyscreen!?!
  • * MOT/Tax/Insurance swap
  • Refresh speedo (battery/spare unit?) - bike type
  • Er...
* Have to be done to get on road, others would like to do.

Jobs for STD1
  • Battery? ELA59652 current one screwed.
  • Battery rubber straps FRA43562
  • Dashboard volt meter replacement? Current one very jumpy. Does PJ have one? Will my other 1 work or fit?
  • * Tighten steering head bearings v slightly.
  • * Check Fork tops tightened slightly? & replace fluid. Oil leakage from top - O-rings? Bars off, big socket @ shedquaters. Book torque?
  • * Choke return springs (current don't fully return chokes) FUA37370. Later 'cable/spring closing' rather than earlier 'wires push shut' type. Or shorten springs already in place without snapping them...
  • Rubber strips between fairing & Pockets FAA07190 Not a big issue but pockets are wet thru without. DIY store options cheaper. Briefly investigate.
  • * Replace air screw in left carb (pointy end mangled) FUA35302 Causes carb imbalance & sooty plug on one side. Get carbs adjusted via magic Dave ear.
  • * Side stand spring pivot plate (just 1.50!) - is it 1 or 2?, how are the springs? FRA10739 & FRA10721 - where was the previous discussion & pics in this thread? Do please find it for me dear minions of mine...
  • * Top strip 'sidelight' bulb? LIA63576
  • Pannier clip, canibalise extra case from Asstrall
  • * Cut section from centre stand
  • * Kurerust on stand & bare sections
  • Er...
...using the wrong spanner since 1964... ...Electronically begging for a rebuild via

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