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How much weight and what do you carry in your airhead underseat tool tray?

Seems like mine weighs a lot. Was cracked in several places when I got the bike, made some repairs but its cracking again. Will weigh it after the glue dries. What I carry,

Multi screwdriver (the kind with the bits in the handle)
8mm, 10mm, 12mmx2 wrench
Crescent wrench, medium size
1/4 drive ratchet wrench, sockets up to 13mm and 9/16ths
1/4 drive short extension
extra spark plug,
Spark plug socket
1 small alligator clip wire
small pair vice grips
Allen Key set
Allen key for turning engine over
Feeler gauges
tire pressure gauge
Small LED flashlight

1 clean white t shirt in plastic bag (for getting caught in rain or as a grease rag, or as a signal)
cable lock (masterlock python)
1 small dry bag

So, am I going overboard and abusing my tray? Dont have saddle bags, so it all needs to go in there.

Edit, few things I forgot,
tire schrader valve tool
wire brush
Longish bolt for front caliper removal/adjustment.
$2.25 in quarters. For emergency tolls, parking meters, dinner.
Box cutter knife
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