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lacing the new front wheel

I got all of the stuff today for my front wheel. I got the rim back from the anodisers and the heavy duty spokes came in so all there is left to do is lace the wheel.
I decided to go for the heavy duty not the super heavy duty because then you have to drill and countersink the hub and this wheel setup has worked on my yz for years without a hitch.


I decided to go for the black rim with silver hub because the black hubs make the bike look heavier and coloured hubs are for showboats!

Step 1:
When lacing your front wheels the first spoke is the most important because the offset of all of the nipple dimples are pressed and drilled to match the bend of the spokes and drilling pattern of the spokes. Once your sure of the alignment and have checked you spoke positions all the rest is easy.
As you can see the spoke recesses are staggered accross the rim for the left and right spokes make sure that you put the left spokes in the left spoke holes. This is why I find it easier to do this job on the floor not in a stand.

Step 2:
Once the first spoke is in then it is easy feed a spoke through every second hole in the hub and it should align with every fourth hole in the rim. Keep an eye on the dimples in the rim and they will align up with the direction of the spoke.

Step 3:
Now its time to add the opposing spoke on this side of the wheel. Feed the spoke through the hub and towards the rim the spoke will go into the hole in the centre of the gap. Again take note of the dimple to ensure that it is in correct alignment.

Step 4:
Turn the rim over and start the same process over again the spokes can pretty much only go one way now but keep checking you spoke dimple alignment now the hole to put the spoke in is easy to work out.
Take not the spokes take a little more force to get then in during step 4 & 5 this is normal (although the spoke should not need enought pressure that it permenantly bends the spoke though. If so seek professional help for the rim)

Step 5:
Fill the gaps only one way to go now

Final step:
From here you can either tension the wheel your self or get it done by a wheel builder. I have got a wheel builder near me who is quite cheep if you take the wheel to him like this. I have seen and heard of horror stories where rims have cracked, broken and worse collapsed so be careful with tensioning your wheels. In my opinion give it to the pros.

When you send the wheel to the pros they like to have all of the nipples done up to the same position ie, all nipples done up to have just no threads showing, this gives them a good starting point. My wheel smith also likes to have the bearings in with no seals this helps him to fit it in his truing stand.

Build it and you will ride

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