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Originally Posted by Matttys View Post
I'm looking to use one of these for a DR650 based street tracker project.

How will the lithium ion batteries hold up to charging via a trickle charger? I've got a fairly nice DRS 8 bank charger for AGM/Gel/Standard batteries, but how can I trickle charge the lithium ion batteries. I realize that there is much less of a discharge rate; so would you suggest that there is no need to EVER externally charge these batteries?

Also, you suggest the 4.6 AH unit for my DR650 single?
I don't know about the DRS 8 bank charger, but charging on a desulfate mode will damage them. Battery Tenders are fine.

These batteries will hold a starting charge for up to 1 year without a charger.

I never leave mine on one. If you have a possible static drain like a digital clock, and leave the bike sitting for a while, it would give some peace of mind.

The 4.6 Ah should be perfect for a DR650. 10% REBATE if you mention ADV rider in online order.


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