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I have no idea what the tools weight, and I don't care. First shit-can the tool roll, yea it's cool but it takes up a bunch of space, then nail the cheap linemans plier onto the shop wall.

Add two standard screwdrivers and one of those pocket thingys that salesmen pass out. It has a reversible shank and a magnet on the end. Then add a small needle nose and a pair of mini-dykes. I now have some needle nose Vise-Grips which repaired a broken clutch cable. A 1/4" swivel head socket handle and some sockets, or a few spare 8-to-14 wrenches.

Dismantle or cut off the 3 feeler guages needed for points & valves.

Cut yourself two 12x16" towels. Put one in the tool tray, add the tools tuck up the extra cloth. Insert the 3 feeler guages into a zip lock with 8' of wire, a bit of elec. tape, a small piece of emory paper, $20+ cash, working/tested set of points/condesor, zip ties and a pair of new plugs. Place on top of tools. Add spare brake and clutch cable, multimeter, cover with 2nd towel.

If you can keep the nuts/bolts/screws attached to the bike, diagnose & repair electrical stuff, replace ignition stuff, and keep air in the tires, you can ride the bitch home.
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