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Originally Posted by JustKip View Post
and, unfortunately, my R12GS is as close to a Goldwing as I intend to get. 1.5 litres or more is fine for a big tourer, but that's not what I bought a GS for. It's already a little too big and heavy for a dual sport tourer.
The trouble with the term dual sporter is like cruiser. are 650's really cruisers? is an 1800 HD really a cuiser? Really?

The term cruise means something which is as misleading as dual sport.

The pig GS's are good at more things than any other bike, however the GS doesn't hold a candle to true DS's or Cruisers, however it kicks at both venues.

I have ridden my 1150 a lot around the US and canada and feel like it is a real world tourer because it's weight has huge benefits which a light motorcycle would miss the boat because of.

Again the GS of today isn't a dirt bike, it barely is a dirt road bike, however and again, it does dirt roads well while losing little to nothing in being a great curvy road bike too.
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