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Originally Posted by Wirespokes View Post
I'm not into the Mystic's appearance, but that's me. The /5 is definitely of an age where it's hit the bottom (monetarily speaking) and coming back up.

The Mystic may never drop any lower in price considering it's the last of the airheads and one of the most rideable.

So if you're looking at this from an investment viewpoint - looks like a toss up to me. Ride them both and see which one jerks your chain.
Both or either, actually.

The /5 is the beginning of the "modern" BMWs (changeover from the older oldschool /2-line) and the Mystic could be considered the acme of that line (before the journey to the oilie/hexie Darkside).

I like my /5 and will likely ride it til I get obsoleted, but wouldn't mind getting a Mystic for the aesthetics.
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