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Laugh making the sprocket carrier

I have been agonising over buying the sprocket carrier and I have been quoted $390 here in melbourne. Now that was full retail and I havn't begun to chase cheaper prices here in Australia and nor will I. I am sick to death of the aussie importers adding so much to there prices to the justification of "we dont have the population base to support low prices".
I priced one of these sprocket carriers in the states and they are 190 plus 45 for shipping. How can it be? especially when the dollar is the same.

So I did some home work and found out that the talon and rad hubs are made out of 6061 t6 aluminium. I went to get a quote on a piece of round 6061 bar 180 dia x 100mm long and low and behold $55.


We go from this to a carrier over the next week or so

So after a bit of material removed ready to drill

That is an inch and a half drill bit (38.1mm) and i have bored it out to 40mm and added the inner taper to match the angle on the inside of the fingers of the carrier.

So here they are sitting back to back and the next step is to part the excess, below the blue mark(somehow?), then machine up the face where the sprocket carrier sits and the bearing pocket on the lathe. Then hit the mill with a dividing table to make the fingers.

Build it and you will ride

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