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How many man-hours to take the engine apart and change the crankcasings?

Well, it happened to me - my DR650 1998 misfired on stop, and bang, a chunk of the crankcasing. Now I am hoping to find out in advance how many man-hours it woudl take (or the cost by a mechanic) to take it all apart and replace the crank casings and fit a torque limiter, before embarking on this project .... or selling it in pieces... :-(


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mx_rob said:
Also be aware that your '98 model has (or had if it's already been addressed) a solid gear on the starter drive instead of the torque limiter that was installed on the 97's and about half of the 99's through 2010. Suzuki thought they'd save some money eliminating this component but I'm pretty sure it cost them a lot more in the end. Here's some more info on it from Major engine damage can occur if the right combination of shut down sequences takes place without the torque limiter.
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