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man oh man. I'll bet you're tired. Thanks for sharing it with us!!! So wait, how many stages are there and what is the time period like in between.? Enough for a snack, or a nap?!
In this rallye there are usually about seven stages. Beginning at 8:31am, they begin letting bikes out at one minute intervals from the ceremonial start to transit to the first special stage start, usually no more than five, ten or twenty miles away. You have a given amount of time to show up at the start control, plenty of time if you do the speed limit and dont get lost. You are penalized time if you are early or late checking into a start control. (they dont want to incentivize speeding on the transits, so they dock you for coming in early.)
Check in, and if there are no delays clearing the stage ahead of you, you probably have about ten or fifteen minutes to gether yourself before they launch you as before onto the race stage. SOmetimes there are delays up to an hour or more. The Organisers do their absolute best they can to ensure the whole road is free of dangerous knuckleheads and whatnot, and sometimes they have to wait for a sweep vehicle to remove a dead rally car from the road, or wait for an ambulance to be on site when the stage starts, and things happen.
A special stage is anywhere up to 15 miles or so of closed road fastasyoucango. Cross the flying finish, and stop at the finish control to get your time card marked, and figure out what minute you have to check in at the next start.
Every two or three stages you go back to a central service location for anywhere from a scheduled 15 to 40 minute stop. Get gas, food, repairs, etc. Repeat. This year Special Stage seven was begun after full dark. Boatman's headlight blew out right after the first turn haha he still came in 5 minutes fast than me

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