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Hi all

The family and I went camping with a big bunch of long-time family-friends at Totaranui in the Abel Tasman National Park 23-31 January 2011

Here’s where we went!
(look for the 'A')

Left home in Christchurch on a wet and miserable Saturday 22nd and we have the Whale loaded to the gunwales!

Spent the night in Nelson with our friends Amanda, Jack, Meg and Soames and had a fan-TAS-tic Thai meal at the Golden Bell in Hardy Street – awesome!

Sunday dawned and we were off in a convoy with caravan’s, boats and cars dodging and dicing for position….ahhhhh the Takaka hill had me wishing for my VTR…..

Anyways on to the pics:

The Galoon (lagoon but it’s a longstanding thing)

It drains left to right into the sea on the outgoing tide and it’s fun to jump in the Galoon and get carried ‘round to the beach

It was pretty disappointing weather initially for us first time Totaranui-goers…hopefully it will get a bit better we thought

We all decided it was extremely important to set some groundrules for our enclave and the primary one was “Foursies”

Occasionally we had Fivesies if we’d been out boating or walking and sometimes there were even Threesies!!

I tried to fit in with the whole holiday thing

It was hellish believe me!

Third day we were there ShaggieWife and UglyPWife went for a run to Awaroa (ShaggieWife’s in training for the Buller Half Marathon) and so I went for a walk to the top of Gibbs Hill to see what was there…..a nice view over Totaranui and towards Awaroa on the right

Took a pic of a tree fern being arty – bloody arty treeferns!

The tent kitchen where miracles were performed on a daily basis

There were some cool tow vehicles

Got up early to try and capture the sunrise

Good friend UglyP (a fellow ADV inmate) took ShaggieWife, ShaggieSon, UglyPYoungestSon and I for a wee trip in his Tinny

UglyP prepping HMNZS Tinny

Lukey-Boy and Action-Jackson navigating

ShaggieFamily on the beach at Awaroa with the inlet in the background (this teeshirt makes my belly look’s the shirt…honest!

We stopped in at Shag (not Shaggie) Harbour on the way back…..awesome hidden wee inlet that’s nearly dry at low tide but at high tide is a secret wee hideaway

Next day an early-ish shot of the beach -disappointing weather again!

UglyP and his good looking brother Steve and fishing-guide-to-the-stars bro-in-law Cam took all the kids fishing…..(UglyP pics)

A very successful evening out on the water

….plenty of legal size snapper and a couple of blue cod too! Jackson was SO excited – caught two blue cod but reeled the first one in so fast that the keeper hit the end of the rod and broke off, dropping Mr Fish back into the briny and the second one (which Cam reckoned was about 40cm long!) managed to extricate himself from the hook just as Cam was reaching for the net….Jackson was very happy with his time anyways!

So it was fresh snapper with Foursies! Mmmm-Mmmmm! (UglyP pic)

ShaggieWife cooked up a plan with the other ladies to make a coordinated assault on the café at the luxury Awaroa Lodge…so I thought I’d better tag along in case they needed rescuing from the deadly….er……cheesecake?

It was a bit of a walk

And a bit of a wade…..

And nearly a bit of a swim!

Smaller tides meant the low tide wasn’t as low as we’d expected it to be!

The cheesecake was bloody good tho!

Me and the Gang!

Next day we decided to put out the craypot UglyP made (he’s bloody handy) and went for a nice boat trip to Separation Point…..

UglyP took a bit of a shine to this moored just off Tot beach…..he's clever enough to fix this up REAL nice….

Big seal colony near Separation Point

And lots of pups…..and man the water is clear!

My mate Kelv came over from Blenheim for a couple of nights and brought his expedition kayak with him strapped to his back…I mean the back of his car….so he came for a bit of a paddle to see what the hell we were up to!

He even rescued a boaties cap!

Unfortunately no crays were to be had….we did have an interesting temporary friend

The kids were ‘thrilled’!

He was hard work keeping in the bucket long enough to get a pic of him…..awesome animal!

Overall holiday rating:

"We are not at home to Mr Reasonable" - Sam Vimes

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