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Thumbs down Indicators... well I can't just keep turning right can I?

Hmmm, the indicator switch in the left hand switchgear on the STD1 has failed mid journey, like they sometimes do. And after all it is 25 years old, the poor thing.

The particular way it broke meant that the right hand indicators were on all the time. I was in a bit of a rush so the fastest thing to do was to pull the lower fuse in the little fuse box under the underseat tool tray*. Unfortunately this also means you lose the brake light & horn & whatever else runs through that fuse. But as a momentary solution it got me to where I had to be by the time I had to be there.

After a brief fiddle just now I've solved it for the moment by pulling the indicator relay, which is under the rear right of the tank on this variation, but the issue still remains as while the horn & brake light etc. work again with the reinsertion of the fuse, I've now got no indicators. It's the switch itself that's borked so I'll have to see if I can a) repair it, b) get a new unit to insert, or 3) replace the entire switchgear on the left hand grip** A switch repair or replacement is a bit of a pain to do due to the way the indicator toggle switch is housed within the pressed plastic unit inside, but it'll be the cheapest way to go
unless I can get a cheap or free L/hand switchgear. Pretty please?

Also - Please send Spanish harlots pronto, or at least Christina Ricci. This won't help with the indicators n shit, but believe me it'll help

* It's an '85 don't forget, which has relocated relays & fuses. If the fuses were still in the headlight that would be a nightmare with the RT fairing etc. I can see why people modify it to relocate the fuses on the earlier model, which I seem to recall had been done on DBDs first donor bike?
** This looks the most likely to me I must say.

Of course if I were riding this road, wouldn't need indicators -
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