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Hey Mike,

I have spent a fair amount of time riding in sunglasses, flip downs and tinted shields in my days riding over the years.

I end up wearing sunglasses these days only on my Arai XD-3 becuase of the shape and I find myself wanting to ride with the shield up most of the time.

I have used flip downs on the C3, the Evoline as well as some of the Scorpions and the HJC Sy-Max 2.

The only issue that I have found with them is that sometimes, the mechanisms can be funky and not stay put and sometime the visors do not come down far enough past the bottom of your sight line.

The Schuberth C3 Helmet is a cable driven slider flip down visor system and the visor is anti-scratch / anti-fog I believe. It's slickly designed and the fact that there is no spring loaded element give me piece of mind that there is less chance of it breaking internally (Original HJC FS-15 was a culprit of this.)

Overall the Schuberth C3 Internal Visor is one of the better designed / performing / clear visioned ones.

Right now I don't beleive there are plans for graphic C3's in the states although Hi-Viz continues to be on the "Yes, someday soon" list. Soon is a relative term, but I don't think we will make it to Fall without seeing it in the states.



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G'Day Anthony,

Wondering about the performance of the glare shield compared to wearing a good pair of sun glasses with a clear shield.

Is it a replacement for a pair of sunnies or just a convenience? I have used tinted visors on our Shoei helmets and a good pair of glasses is streets ahead in giving clear vision, but the tinted visor offers some sunburn protection for the face which is convenient as I hate wearing sunscreen which would have to be worn at least on the chin with the schuberth I would have thought.

Thanks for your comments.

Edit: I am keen on the "World Pattern" white listed on the Schuberh website, and chance it's in the pipeline for the US?
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