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I have been thinking quite a bit about this too, for a couple of months actually. People ask me why I race. Neduro and Nobrakes put it perfectly.

I race too, but am not really competitive.

Bonnie loves the prerace excitement. She says she can feel it in all the racers.

I love twisting the grip to the stop, banging into the next gear, locking the rear brake, skidding into a corner and wringing the grip to death again. Bumps in the trail, wheelie time.

Doing the above on a street bike on city streets, will more than likely get one a ticket. Done right while racing, it will get you a trophy.

How cool is that.

Pretty effin cool.

What is even cooler is that any adult can race for under $5,000. Used dirt bike, gear, AMA membership, other memberships and away you go.

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