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Great article Ned.

Made me smile thinking of my runs in the Blackwater, oh so many years ago. After seeing the pictures and articles on it, I had to go try it. Thinking I was going to be pretty fast, the top riders were done with their second loop as I finished the first. But it was a blast to do it. In one section you crossed the river and there was a pretty good sized hill that was complete mud. There were hundreds of fans on the bridge and on the bank. If you gave it an honest attempt, you got help. You took it easy, they'd let you slide all the way back down to the bottom. Of course, the pro's just brrrrrpeeeed and were over it. I'll never forget all those guys just coated in mud helping us out. I know I thanked you then, but if you are reading this now, thanks again for the help. I might still be figuring that section out without it. Unfortunately, the event is no longer, but it was a fair challenge in the day.

It is fun, win, lose or draw.
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