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Originally Posted by moist View Post
I guess I am prejudiced in believing in the GS series. But for sure the GS is not the best motorbike in the world, it is not the best at any specific task. In other words, touring, dirt roads, pavement, cruising, dual sport,, name one. There are many bikes which are better at any "one" venue than any BMW GS.
However I have come to believe the GS line is a good design because it does all of those venues "well",,,again, not the best, but well.
My GS has a 9.8 gallon fuel tank, gets 36 MPG consistently (if ridden conservatively). Can haul a load like a pack mule and still carve a twisty road well. Loaded for a 2 month trip I rode Deals Gap many times with an BMW RT companion and never felt out classed.
The Last point about the weight increasing each model year and being larger and larger couldn't be further from the truth. The 1200GS is 50 pounds lighter than my 1150GS and the same engined HP2 (1150cc and 1200cc) are 50% the weight of my 1150. The BMW engine is not become heavier, rather the engines are becoming more powerful.
Oh there is no lack of bikes which are specifically designed for the venue you would like to ride. But an all around (SUV motorbike) like the BMW GS is still rare and still an exceptional bike.
The rest of road worthy SUV bikes out there are still striving to join the GS in ability, but in my opinion they still haven't made it.
I want a few of them myself, so I don't dislike the competition, rather I would like to see other brands join in the GS arena.
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